3 Innovative E Track Strap Applications You Didn’t Know About

The storage straps are necessary for carrying almost everything irrespective of the size and shape. If you want your shipment to be safe while transporting it via a cargo, then you must have the straps. The E-Track straps are the most versatile among all the straps and known for keeping things tight when you need. But not many people know that the E-Track straps can be used beyond cargo storage. Yes, you can use these straps for different applications with the help of a little creativity. Here we have mentioned some of the best uses of E-Track accessories that will make your life easier. 


Our garages are the places with the least space to keep things like equipment. You need shelves or boxes to keep the equipment safe so you can get them easily whenever you need. But most of us do not have that shelves in our garages. In those cases, you can tie up an 8-inch-long E -track against the wall. You can easily hang your equipment on these straps without the need to find a specific place. This will help you in keeping all the equipment a single place and most importantly, away from the children range. 


In the storage, you can also use two regular length e track straps to make the most out of available space. Just tight the E-Track strap vertically alongside a wooden bar of rectangular shape. This system based on straps will be able to bear a substantial weight for putting food storage like cans and other items. 


If you have some items that need to stand against the wall at the worksite, then you can also use the E- Track straps. Just tie a strap horizontally along the wall, and you can make your item like tires, ladders, plumbers or anything else keep standing. Along with this, you can find several E-Track accessories in the market to keep your things fix.

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